Saturday, August 3, 2013

Traditional Filipina Dresses

One way of earning online is selling items online. Deciding on what to sell is the most challenging part. There are countless items to sell. What I did when I was still starting was: 
  •  selecting local products so that it is easy to have it on hand without having a large quantity of inventory
  • Planning ahead of seasonal items by considering occasions in school. 
 I will share more tips on how you can start earning online through selling items but for now, let us limit ourselves to these two above-mentioned tips as these are the ones related to what I am about to discuss below.

Usually, during the months of August, parents are freaking out looking for the best Filipinana dress for their little ones. This is for the celebration of the "Buwan ng Wika" which literally translates to "Language Month." Last year's attire may not fit their angel anymore or maybe, the child refuses to use the same outfit again. There are also times when teacher's specifications or instruction details change. Like for instance, last year, the requirement is to wear an outfit of indigenous people in the northern part of the Philippines but now, the class will be wearing outfit of indigenous found in the South. 

One common concern of parents is the limited time to look for an outfit. Most mothers are working moms so their only time to shop around is during the weekends. To make the problem worse, there are schools who give the details of required outfits two days before the occasion leaving the mommies not enough time to wander around, looking for the best fit dress for their little one. 

I have here the photo of my daughter wearing one of those dresses. I bought it in Divisoria at a really good price. If you buy it there months before the celebration of Buwan ng Wika, you will not have a hard time bargaining but the problem is, you may not have more options to choose from as the sellers do not display items which are "not in season" in their shops. 

Buy in dozen so you will get a good price. Sellers usually give it to you in assorted color and sizes. Then, look for friends who have children going to school. You may chat with other parents in the school where your child is going. Offer them your items. Perhaps, they are in fact in dire need of finding one and they will even thank you for it.