Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Homeschooling is the Best Option for Work at Home Moms

I believe that you are reading this because you are convinced that working at home thru online ways is far better than advancing a career outside the home specially if your children are still young. 

Let us add another dimension to our daily motherly tasks - homeschooling our kids. That sounds really scary at first. Imagine that you have now at least four major roles to play: full time mom; working lady; wife and school kids' teacher. The stress level well be overwhelming. We will get drowned by all the tasks and expectations that we will be facing. These apprehensions are ghosts. They are not real. Once you submerge yourself into the situation, you will realize that it is more convenient for you and your kids if you are a work at home mom and you are homeschooling your kids. 

Based on my own experience, when you work at home and you homeschool your children, you have a much higher flexibility in drawing the pieces of the "voluminous task" puzzle together. When I was working online and my children are going to school, as we know it, I have to allot time to get them to school and fetch them back. With the traffic condition in the city where I live, that means more or less an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. Added to this, I have to help them out with their homework which is usually not less than four. In most cases, they have homework in two subjects and they have to prepare for one or two quizzes and/or unit test/s. How much time will that draw from your daily working hours?

Think about the time that you have to wake up so early to make sure that all the things for school are already prepared - how much time do you need to cook breakfast, pack their snacks and lunch, check their bags and see to it that everything they need are already in their bags? Maybe, another hour or more? 

Add up all those hours and you will end up realizing that you have here about four hours devoted for getting your child to school. These four hours is enough for you to teach and guide them in their academic as well as life skill development should they stay at home and learn there. 

It is difficult, I agree. It is challenging - yes, it is. But with the notion that it is both advantageous to your children and to you, would you not try to do it? 

If you have some clarifications, questions or things you need to know about homeschooling, I am willing to share to you more insights. Ink your comments below. 
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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Baby Product Online Model

Have you ever thought of your baby becoming a baby product online model or endorser? Almost everything about shopping is done with a click. Even grocery items are bought online and delivered to your doorsteps. At the onset of online shopping, the items offered then were limited to dry products and more on those that are light and easy to ship. Now, even diapers are sold online. These offers convenience to a higher degree to stay at home moms who earn thru online means. They could stay online, shop for the needs of their babies while performing their daily tasks for their bread and butter; no need to run to a grocery store because the baby needs something.

With too many products to choose from, what makes you choose a certain product over the other? You will agree that the product which strikes your eye gets you clicking on that product to know more about it before adding it to your cart. Personally, when a product is with a cute baby picture, it will certainly get my attention. This fact offers opportunities not only for moms who are selling baby items but also for those buying moms who still have young babies. 

Now, the next question is, how do you get your baby into becoming a baby product online model? Frankly speaking, I am looking for a good answer to this question too. I have been reading blogs about this and to sum it up - "find an agent" is the answer I get. After realizing this answer, a thought came to my mind - How about reversing this? So, "let an agent find your baby" instead of looking for an agent. Most agents ( I say most not all) are "hard-to-get" and a bit rude. Some of them talks like you would die if they won't give attention to you. One thing that these model agents forgot is that they earn through what their models earn thus, if they be kind enough to entertain opportunities, they might chance upon the next big product model.

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Exposure is the biggest challenge. Fortunately, with the proliferation of social media networks, it became easier for not famous people to become famous by stroke of luck. It is not something unheard of that ordinary people who feel comfortable doing their ordinary routine became famous in social media without them even knowing it. Capitalizing on this fact could make your prince or princess the next top baby product online model. 

When you see one trending, the next one that is almost identical will not be catchy anymore. Remember the famous carrot man of Mountain Province. When he became a trending sensation, several netizens came up with their own version thus you will find online sayote man, potato man, and etc but all of them became agrara-man (Ilocanos know what this means). 

The lesson here is to remain as you are. Let them remain as they are. For moms, understandably, our dreams and hopes for our little ones are as high as the clouds in the sky, which although it's not an impossibility to touch, we should draw the line between what they are and what we want them to be.  

To sum it up, if you want to make your baby a baby product online model, make him or her "present" in the cyber world without pushing too much. Perhaps, one little step is to get his or her videos wearing something that is customized like a statement shirt or other customized baby items that might strike the attention of netizens. Here, you can customize baby items such as onesies, dress, shirts, bonnets and other souvenir items such as mugs, posters, pins and many more. You can add the photo of your baby, customize text......so many things to create. You will surely enjoy creating.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Earn Money Online Without Spending or Investing Much

How am I earning our bread and butter while staying at home and caring for my children personally? This may be a dream for many moms. It is a dream come true for many who had persevered finding their way in generating income online. Is it possible to earn money online without spending much or investing? Yes, it is.

You may have heard this already but I want to point it out for emphasis - the first step is to know what you can do well. There are moms who are successful at running a food blog; there are those who found luck in creating their own crafts, teaching others how to do it and selling their products; others may have found their source of income by endorsing products online....... There are several ways of earning money online without investing or with minimal expense on your part.

To start, of course, is the most difficult part. When I started in 2006, I experimented - trial and error. The "error" part includes being scammed by unscrupulous souls online. It may also include participating in schemes or programs that will pay too minimal returns that is not worth my time. It may take sometime before you can figure out what earns and what will just cost you time and money.

For me, online tutorial is my main source. Like any income generating activity, the competition is rigid. The greatest challenge is how to find and maintain learners. There are many competitive tutors online and how to get a share of the market is the key.

To save you from doing trials and errors, why not learn from those who are now successful? There are several books in Amazon that will give you valuable ideas on how to make the giant step. When buying a book, spend sometime checking the feedback of clients who bought and used the book already. It pays to check what these previous costumers have to say so that you will not be throwing your $ for something that you will not benefit from. "Well, there are books that are too cheap that it is as cheap as a small snack, you may argue."

 If you are a good writer, you can self publish your own books and earn from your hard work. How? I had been reading about this but I still do not have the courage to try even if I already had a number of ghostwriting projects that were published by the project owner and having signed an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement), I cannot discuss this further. 

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If you are good at designing shirts, mugs, posters and other items that can be customized, then try zazzle. Even without having any inventory, you can sell customized items - simply do the design, offer it for sale and zazzle will handle the rest.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Amazon Affiliate Program, Have you Tried it?

I came across this program while I was searching for other ways of earning online. I am an online freelancer and I started working online in 2007, doing various tasks mainly online freelance writing, virtual assistance, online tutorial and online selling. As any work at home mom experience as online freelancer, there are "feast times" while there are "famine times." To feel safer, it is best to diversify the activities that one engages in. Thus, to maintain a good flow of online income, it is best to constantly check on what else can be done. 

There are countless testimonies of people who are earning well through Amazon affiliate program. I would like to be one of them. It appears to be a hard work and I know that it may take time to see a good flow of revenue. I do not have any idea on how long it will take but I would like to give it a try. 

So far, I learned that registering for this program is free. Then, you can set up your "astore" where you can handpick items for your store. Since I dealt with b

Making pearl jewelries is my passion and I had been successful in selling my items online through facebook. For this reason, I have also set up an "astore" on pearl jewelries. I am so delighted finding fabulous items on Amazon. Look at some of the items: (Well, I deleted the items that I posted here because the links are already broken. Perhaps, the items are no longer there, maybe sold or taken down by the seller).

As an update to this post, my affiliate account was rejected because I was not able to make a sale within one hundred eighty days. (Was it 180 days? I think so. If my memory serves me right, it is 180 days). Since, I became busy offline taking care of my newly born prince, I have not tried it again. Now that my baby is more than a year already, I think that I could have some moments to sneak in and create online posts again. Then, I will give Amazon affiliate program a second try. 

If you are reading this because you also want to try Amazon Affiliate, I suggest that you read some of the things that you should not do. I have been reading all week searching for forums on why an account is rejected or suspended. As a warning, I have read about bloggers who were approved and eventually suspended so be sure to read several blogs before starting. I had to revise my affiliate account several times after reading some blogs specially on that part where you have to list the sites where you will put amazon links. 

Since I have not made my first sale yet using my affiliate tracking id, my account is not yet reviewed and approved.  

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Traditional Filipina Dresses

One way of earning online is selling items online. Deciding on what to sell is the most challenging part. There are countless items to sell. What I did when I was still starting was: 
  •  selecting local products so that it is easy to have it on hand without having a large quantity of inventory
  • Planning ahead of seasonal items by considering occasions in school. 
 I will share more tips on how you can start earning online through selling items but for now, let us limit ourselves to these two above-mentioned tips as these are the ones related to what I am about to discuss below.

Usually, during the months of August, parents are freaking out looking for the best Filipinana dress for their little ones. This is for the celebration of the "Buwan ng Wika" which literally translates to "Language Month." Last year's attire may not fit their angel anymore or maybe, the child refuses to use the same outfit again. There are also times when teacher's specifications or instruction details change. Like for instance, last year, the requirement is to wear an outfit of indigenous people in the northern part of the Philippines but now, the class will be wearing outfit of indigenous found in the South. 

One common concern of parents is the limited time to look for an outfit. Most mothers are working moms so their only time to shop around is during the weekends. To make the problem worse, there are schools who give the details of required outfits two days before the occasion leaving the mommies not enough time to wander around, looking for the best fit dress for their little one. 

I have here the photo of my daughter wearing one of those dresses. I bought it in Divisoria at a really good price. If you buy it there months before the celebration of Buwan ng Wika, you will not have a hard time bargaining but the problem is, you may not have more options to choose from as the sellers do not display items which are "not in season" in their shops. 

Buy in dozen so you will get a good price. Sellers usually give it to you in assorted color and sizes. Then, look for friends who have children going to school. You may chat with other parents in the school where your child is going. Offer them your items. Perhaps, they are in fact in dire need of finding one and they will even thank you for it.