Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Homeschooling is the Best Option for Work at Home Moms

I believe that you are reading this because you are convinced that working at home thru online ways is far better than advancing a career outside the home specially if your children are still young. 

Let us add another dimension to our daily motherly tasks - homeschooling our kids. That sounds really scary at first. Imagine that you have now at least four major roles to play: full time mom; working lady; wife and school kids' teacher. The stress level well be overwhelming. We will get drowned by all the tasks and expectations that we will be facing. These apprehensions are ghosts. They are not real. Once you submerge yourself into the situation, you will realize that it is more convenient for you and your kids if you are a work at home mom and you are homeschooling your kids. 

Based on my own experience, when you work at home and you homeschool your children, you have a much higher flexibility in drawing the pieces of the "voluminous task" puzzle together. When I was working online and my children are going to school, as we know it, I have to allot time to get them to school and fetch them back. With the traffic condition in the city where I live, that means more or less an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. Added to this, I have to help them out with their homework which is usually not less than four. In most cases, they have homework in two subjects and they have to prepare for one or two quizzes and/or unit test/s. How much time will that draw from your daily working hours?

Think about the time that you have to wake up so early to make sure that all the things for school are already prepared - how much time do you need to cook breakfast, pack their snacks and lunch, check their bags and see to it that everything they need are already in their bags? Maybe, another hour or more? 

Add up all those hours and you will end up realizing that you have here about four hours devoted for getting your child to school. These four hours is enough for you to teach and guide them in their academic as well as life skill development should they stay at home and learn there. 

It is difficult, I agree. It is challenging - yes, it is. But with the notion that it is both advantageous to your children and to you, would you not try to do it? 

If you have some clarifications, questions or things you need to know about homeschooling, I am willing to share to you more insights. Ink your comments below. 
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