Sunday, August 28, 2016

Baby Product Online Model

Have you ever thought of your baby becoming a baby product online model or endorser? Almost everything about shopping is done with a click. Even grocery items are bought online and delivered to your doorsteps. At the onset of online shopping, the items offered then were limited to dry products and more on those that are light and easy to ship. Now, even diapers are sold online. These offers convenience to a higher degree to stay at home moms who earn thru online means. They could stay online, shop for the needs of their babies while performing their daily tasks for their bread and butter; no need to run to a grocery store because the baby needs something.

With too many products to choose from, what makes you choose a certain product over the other? You will agree that the product which strikes your eye gets you clicking on that product to know more about it before adding it to your cart. Personally, when a product is with a cute baby picture, it will certainly get my attention. This fact offers opportunities not only for moms who are selling baby items but also for those buying moms who still have young babies. 

Now, the next question is, how do you get your baby into becoming a baby product online model? Frankly speaking, I am looking for a good answer to this question too. I have been reading blogs about this and to sum it up - "find an agent" is the answer I get. After realizing this answer, a thought came to my mind - How about reversing this? So, "let an agent find your baby" instead of looking for an agent. Most agents ( I say most not all) are "hard-to-get" and a bit rude. Some of them talks like you would die if they won't give attention to you. One thing that these model agents forgot is that they earn through what their models earn thus, if they be kind enough to entertain opportunities, they might chance upon the next big product model.

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Exposure is the biggest challenge. Fortunately, with the proliferation of social media networks, it became easier for not famous people to become famous by stroke of luck. It is not something unheard of that ordinary people who feel comfortable doing their ordinary routine became famous in social media without them even knowing it. Capitalizing on this fact could make your prince or princess the next top baby product online model. 

When you see one trending, the next one that is almost identical will not be catchy anymore. Remember the famous carrot man of Mountain Province. When he became a trending sensation, several netizens came up with their own version thus you will find online sayote man, potato man, and etc but all of them became agrara-man (Ilocanos know what this means). 

The lesson here is to remain as you are. Let them remain as they are. For moms, understandably, our dreams and hopes for our little ones are as high as the clouds in the sky, which although it's not an impossibility to touch, we should draw the line between what they are and what we want them to be.  

To sum it up, if you want to make your baby a baby product online model, make him or her "present" in the cyber world without pushing too much. Perhaps, one little step is to get his or her videos wearing something that is customized like a statement shirt or other customized baby items that might strike the attention of netizens. Here, you can customize baby items such as onesies, dress, shirts, bonnets and other souvenir items such as mugs, posters, pins and many more. You can add the photo of your baby, customize many things to create. You will surely enjoy creating.

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