Sunday, January 11, 2015

Earn Money Online Without Spending or Investing Much

How am I earning our bread and butter while staying at home and caring for my children personally? This may be a dream for many moms. It is a dream come true for many who had persevered finding their way in generating income online. Is it possible to earn money online without spending much or investing? Yes, it is.

You may have heard this already but I want to point it out for emphasis - the first step is to know what you can do well. There are moms who are successful at running a food blog; there are those who found luck in creating their own crafts, teaching others how to do it and selling their products; others may have found their source of income by endorsing products online....... There are several ways of earning money online without investing or with minimal expense on your part.

To start, of course, is the most difficult part. When I started in 2006, I experimented - trial and error. The "error" part includes being scammed by unscrupulous souls online. It may also include participating in schemes or programs that will pay too minimal returns that is not worth my time. It may take sometime before you can figure out what earns and what will just cost you time and money.

For me, online tutorial is my main source. Like any income generating activity, the competition is rigid. The greatest challenge is how to find and maintain learners. There are many competitive tutors online and how to get a share of the market is the key.

To save you from doing trials and errors, why not learn from those who are now successful? There are several books in Amazon that will give you valuable ideas on how to make the giant step. When buying a book, spend sometime checking the feedback of clients who bought and used the book already. It pays to check what these previous costumers have to say so that you will not be throwing your $ for something that you will not benefit from. "Well, there are books that are too cheap that it is as cheap as a small snack, you may argue."

 If you are a good writer, you can self publish your own books and earn from your hard work. How? I had been reading about this but I still do not have the courage to try even if I already had a number of ghostwriting projects that were published by the project owner and having signed an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement), I cannot discuss this further. 

Custom Fabric
If you are good at designing shirts, mugs, posters and other items that can be customized, then try zazzle. Even without having any inventory, you can sell customized items - simply do the design, offer it for sale and zazzle will handle the rest.

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